Hello, my name is Kim.

I am 35 years young and I live in a lovely little city by the sea. I created my first website in 2004 for the art gallery that I then owned. Soon after, a few artist friends asked me to design and develop their websites and from there this "creative" has grown. I closed the gallery at the end of 2012 to pursue this venture full-time. I am also a painter, a soy candle-maker, a dreamer, a brown-eyed girl, a cat lover, a pisces, a not-so-neat freak, a new home owner and do-it- yourselfer, a blogger and an easy-going people pleaser. I am obsessed with my garden and I break for squirrels.

AS AN ARTIST I am passionate about design. Visions of composition and color dance in my head. Having the right graphics is one of the keys in achieving a successful and effective website. It's simple, good designs attract more viewers and convey your message.

AS A BUSINESS OWNER I know the importance of a website as it allows you to promote, what's new, what's happenning and what's fabulous in your own unique way.


Recent Projects